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by Beth (bookish_beth)
at October 16th, 2006 (07:27 am)

current location: The Manor
current mood: cold
current song: "Claire de Lune" by Debussy

So, in the profile page, when I said I'd be updating the community with an actual entry of content this weekend, I actually meant "as soon as I possibly get the chance" and really, I don't know when that'll be. It could be sometime tomorrow night or possibly later. Please, continue to stay tuned! And in the meantime, check out the prettiful layout and icons and graphics made by gypsyicons.

The young lady in all of these graphics is an actress named Azura Skye. I'll be using her face for Adore's main character, April Callahan. The strapping young lad is Nick Miller, an actor from New Zealand. I'll be using his face for April's romantic interest in Adore, Hewitt Calix.

Oooh, look! You kinda' almost got actual content there. Neat, huh?